Ground freight shipping is an economical option to transport your goods from one place to another. No matter the size, Cape Global Logistics Cargo Logistics can accommodate FTL (full truckload) or LTL (less than truck load) freight sizes. Our agency network connections make us the most efficient ground freight shipping company.

Cape Global passionate specialists are determined to find the best solution to meet your cargo’s specific ground freight needs, no matter the size or special treatment required. With in-depth knowledge of customs, tariffs, and international documentation, you can trust that your goods are in good hands and will get where it needs to go.

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The challenges and advantages of flatdeck low loader carriers

Flatbed Trucking is a transportation service designed to move oversized items on a flat, open loading area.

The trucking service is ideal for containers, pallets and bulk items that cannot be easily loaded into a delivery truck, such as steel rebar, long pipes, large machinery and vehicles.

Flat bed trailers are specifically selected for their versatility in handling all types of loads.

Low loader drivers typically earn higher salaries than other types of truck drivers because of the specialized skills they need to develop to properly secure their cargo.

The job of the low loader is a challenging but often a rewarding career that benefits both the customer and the driver.

From start to finish

In the contrary to typical truck drivers, who are focused on the loading and unloading process, the drivers of flatbed trucks are more involved with the safety of their cargo.

These soft straps protect the load and are padded so that they are not torn or rubbed off by sharp edges.

With steel cargoes like steel pipes or heavy equipment, thick steel chains are used to keep them in place.

On each side of the trailer the chain is looped around rails and secured tightly with a chain tie. If the load is not well secured, there is a high risk of accidents for the driver and the load

How It Works?!

Flatbed cargo is typically fastened tightly secured by woven nylon straps that are tightened with a winch.

Whether you are looking for an intermodal freight trucking transporter to carry LTL, one-pallet load. FGSL is a 3PL that is in the business of providing seamless moving services or shipping services, and delivery at the best rates.


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The choices ranges from Super B-Trains, Roll Tites, 26′ Straight Trucks Refrigeration Units, 53′ Step Decks, 53′ Dry Vans,  RGNs and Double Drops. We also provide specifically designed equipment to handle overweight and oversized shipments.

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