The most reliable and tension-free way to deliver your goods by sea to every location in the world is international ocean freight shipping with Cape Global Logistics. With offices in South Africa, we are an internationally well-known sea freight company in S.A. We will deliver cost-effective freight shipping rates and transportation options to our valued customers by designing international freight supply chain logistics solutions.

To handle the ins and outs of foreign sea freight for you, our group of specialists is available. For all our customers, we offer detailed consultation and advice to help you appreciate your financial dealings through an in-depth cost review.

Cape Global Logistics works with a range of international partners to develop international partnerships that enable us to deliver the best facilities for shipping and also help our customers make critical choices about best practices. Here are a variety of ways we can help you effectively schedule a shipment.

Booking Shipments with Ocean Freight Carriers:

We do the job of booking your shipping for you, as your ocean freight consolidator. While ocean freight services can be booked directly, partnering with a certified freight forwarder can save your time and resources, as well as provide you with the help you can need during the cycle.

Cape Global Logistics is based on established connections and when it comes to booking, changing, or canceling a shipment, we will also provide timely service. Any step of the way, we will also keep you posted, so you know where your shipment is.

Handling Import and Export Documentation:

You have to do with import and export paperwork while exporting goods abroad. Your customs brokerage, handling duty, and payments related to your shipment may also be Asiana USA. Besides, customs clearance documents can be in a foreign language while shipping to foreign countries, and our qualified experts reliably manage the paperwork for you.

Packaging Requirements:

You have to make sure the shipping satisfies those packaging specifications, depending on whether you ship by ocean, land, or air freight. Special shipping specifications can include products of certain sizes, weights, and lengths. Let us help you ready your cargo for your ocean shipment, taking into account considerations such as deadlines for delivery, cooling requirements, stackability, and the transport of sensitive items.

Customs, Classifications, and Shipping:

You have to make sure the shipping satisfies those packaging specifications, Various goods are subject to differing shipping and duty rates when it comes to customs. This is because a different classification comes under each category of goods. Often, by reclassifying the goods into a more accurate category, freight forwarders will save you thousands of annual shipping and customs costs. Besides, we will also find more cost-effective routes for your cargo to take if the delivery time is less immediate.

Tracking Your Shipment to Its Final Destination:

Cape Global Logistics provides door-to-door facilities at S.A That ensures that during the whole trip, we keep you informed of the status of your package so that you are sure of travel times and delivery dates.

In the case that something goes wrong, this also lets us take swift action. We keep you up to date for the entire duration of your shipment, whether you are shipping through a common carrier or private shippers.

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